A missing news…

U don’t dream. It’s true…

It’s been a while people ! I’m glad to see your face.  Finally we achieve to bring u a special gift. Yes, it’s the chapter 15 of Missing Mail. KANPAIIIIII FELLI-SENPAI !

Sorry, the serial cannot going out with a crazy rythm. It’s because of the US team. Go whip them xD ! It’s so frustrating because we need one more chapter to finish the entire volume 3. What can I say to you ?

Just be patient that’s all 🙂

Hum…Revenons à nos moutons, we can see Layfon who is always the same. The chapter focuses on Meishen so if u like her it’s quite good. There is some actions. I’m not joking. Infact Felli and Meishen will fight for Layfon’s love. Who’ll win ? I’m joking, it’s a peaceful chapter with just a presuring Felli, as always 😉

May your reading be nice ^_^

Chrome Shelled Regios Missing mail – Chapitre 15 : Télécharger / Lecture en ligne

The team is going well despite of the last two weeks without news. Indeed we still operate in the shade. But with such a little crew it’s a bit hard. Thus we are very busy with our homework, so we make our possible to release our releases. Steins;gate and Chrome shelled taken out a lot of time. They were very difficult chapters, so please be understanding. Hope that the next chapters will not be hard as this ones. Want to thanks Nova for his admirable work and Pokepingouin for webmastering admirably the website. We try to lauch a new plan  in order to animate our Team. U can notice some new details on the website.  It’s for the sake of the J-Garden, I say nothing 😉

See ya , i’m counting the sheep, i’m very sleepy…!

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  1. starbuck dit :

    merci pour ce nouveau chapitre

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    merci pour le chapitre

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